Following registration, a subcontractor’s details are held on our database and made available to registered contractors via the website.



When a main contractor is looking for tradespeople, they search our database on the basis of trade (e.g. bricklayers) and site location (e.g. Sussex). This will provide them with a list of bricklayers who are prepared to work in Sussex, along with additional information about each company (such as the size and types of contract they have previously worked on).



The main contractor then selects the subcontractors that meet their specific requirements, and we get in touch with these subcontractors to see if they are available and interested in the work on offer.


Making Contact

All preliminary negotiations take place anonymously through our website, and only after both parties have expressed an interest in working together will any company-specific information be given out.


Moving Forward

Once the contractor and subcontractor are satisfied that they would both like to go ahead, the subcontractor is provided with contact information for the main contractor. At this point, we step out of the picture so that detailed negotiations can take place in person.


FREE REGISTRATION We reserve the right to discontinue this offer at any time

We are currently offering a six-month registration FREE to new clients.At the end of six months, you will be
given the opportunity to continue using our service as a fee-paying client, or allowing your registration to lapse.
Your subscription will not be automatically renewed unless you specifically ask us to do so.


Our charges for a six-month subscription are loosely based on the day rate for a typical trades person, and we offer a discount to any company taking out a subscription for a full year. All our prices include VAT.

Our current tariff for fee-paying clients is :
Six months : £150
One year : £250

We accept payment by PayPal or credit/debit cards. For your security, all payments are processed via the PayPal site. Please see our terms and conditions for details.


Feel free to contact us for further information




Registering with us is uncomplicated and entails only the completion of a simple and secure online form. Searching our database for the subcontractors you require is equally user-friendly.

Time Saving
Once you have registered, you will not have to spend valuable time looking for subcontractors. We understand how time-consuming it can be to find the workforce you need - our aim is to put that workforce at your fingertips.

Cost Effective
A subscription to our service is substantially cheaper than a single advertisement, even in a local newspaper. And your subscription entitles you to search for all the different trades you want, as many times as you want.

Our search options enable you to find subcontractors not just on the basis of their trade and location, but also on the basis of work they have previously undertaken. This helps ensure that the subcontractors you find through us will fulfil your particular needs.